The essence of our company

Olinea celebrating the timeless beauty of high-quality linen, a raw material with subtle hues and noble fibers sourced from the fields of France and Belgium.


We take care to select the longest stems, those that will make our sheets most softest, durable and easy-to-care-for bedding sets to life.


We strive to produce pieces of exceptional quality, reflecting our commitment to sustainable consumption. Nature is our inspiration and guide and sustainability is at the core of our philosophy.


Inspired by the history of design art our brand of bedding sets creates modern and timeless collections that seamlessly blend into any decor. We love reviving age-old traditions of linen craftsmanship while infusing a touch of modernity to create pieces that embody elegance, simplicity and longevity.


Our bedding sets are designed to withstand the test of time and become part of the narratives of our families, generation after generation, bearing witness to the timeless beauty of high-quality linen.


We invite you to discover the poetry of home linens that blossoms in a perfect balance of tradition and modernity, elegance, and sustainability.